This past weekend I watched Moonlight, which won the 2016 Academy Award for best picture. I enjoyed it, although it was super sad and poignant. And it has a dental scene which, of course, caught my attention. This image is of the actor Trevane Rhodes who plays the main character, Chiron, as an adult.

Moonlight grillz

Trevane Rhodes as Chiron in “Moonlight”

Toward the end of the movie Chiron goes back home to see an old friend who works in a diner. Chiron has what his friend calls, “fronts”. I have heard them called grills which are metal “jewelry” for front teeth. You can see his front teeth are shiny silver in this image.

Chiron removes the fronts to eat and then puts them back. Ick! Putting metal over teeth that have food particles still stuck on them. I have to think that these fronts will cause some damage as the food and bacteria sits on the teeth not being washed away by saliva. And sure enough, the ADA agrees with me.

I found a Wiki article that quotes the American Dental Association saying that, “grills made from base metals could cause irritation or allergic reactions, and that bacteria trapped under a grill worn on a long-term basis could result in gum disease, cavities, or even bone loss”

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So if you want to see a really good but poignant movie, check out Moonlight. And if you need a good dental office give us a call.

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Rosemary’s Dentist

As both of my readers know I love old movies. This week’s is Rosemary’s Baby. There are a lot of reasons that I like this movie. It’s scary but not gory, it’s got an all star cast, but most of all I love the era it portrays so beautifully.

This movie was made in the late 60’s and portrays all the silliness and fashion of that era. You can see in this photo the four main characters are having a celebratory drink. You see, Rosemary, played by Mia Farrow, just announced that she’s pregnant. What better way to celebrate than a little fetal alcohol syndrome!

Rosemary’s Baby. Google Images

And there was a small dental scene as you can see in color here. At the New Years party Minnie, played by the fabulous Ruth Gordon, introduces her dentist friend, Dr. Shand, played by Phil Leeds. The way she introduces him caught my ear. She says, “He used to be a famous dentist.”

I find that odd as there are so few truly famous dentists. I mean we in the dental world think there are famous dentists, but really they are only famous to people who work in dentistry. Painless Parker comes to mind and Hermy the cartoon dental student in Santa Clause Is Coming to Town.  As one of my patients just pointed out, if a dentist is famous it’s probably not a good thing like that awful dentist who killed Cecil the lion.

Can you think of any famous dentists? Do you need a good dentist who is toiling in obscurity? If so we can help you with that. Give us a call.

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Big Bad Breath

L Finck. The New Yorker magazine. June 26, 2017

I love The New Yorker magazine. The fiction is delish and the cartoons always give me a giggle. This one of the big bad wolf giving himself a breath spritzer before huffing and puffing cracks me up. Even fictional, animal villains care about their breath!

Then again after I scanned it and blew it up bigger it seems perhaps that the big bad wolf is using an asthma inhaler. Hmmm that might make more sense especially as he warns about huffing and puffing, an inhaler might be a good idea.

So I don’t know – is this wolf concerned about his breath or an asthma attack?  I am going with breath so that I can make this point. Everyone is concerned about having good breath.  If you are concerned we can help you with that. Give us a call.




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The FX mini-series Feud is the story of Bette Davis and Joan Crawford and their relationship as frenemies. I love that old Hollywood lore, and Susan Sarandon as Bette and Jessica Lange as Joan are really great.

Toward the end of the series, Joan and Bette are getting old and Joan is having dental problems. It’s tough to have once been the most beautiful woman in Hollywood, now reduced to being a lonely, old gal spitting blood into the sink every time she brushes. The movie portrays this graphically, ick.

Joan crawford dental June 2017

Jessica Lange in the FX Series ‘Feud’

The scene I have images of here is where Joan goes to the dentist. The year is 1969, and the dental equipment reflects that era. However, the dentist’s dialogue does not reflect that era. Whoever wrote the lines was either dentally unaware or perhaps playing to a 2017 audience.

You see the dentist is aghast when Joan reveals that she had her molars voluntarily removed with a procedure, written phonetically by the closed captions as, “The Buckle” or I think more properly spelled as “The Buccal” as buccal is a dental/Latin term that means cheek. The reason I think that is because she claims to have had the procedure to hollow out her cheeks to make her cheekbones appear more prominent.

Jessica Lange in the FX Series “Feud”

The thing that makes those of us in dentistry raise a knowing eyebrow is that this dentist in 1969 supposedly says, “What medieval dentist would extract six teeth without putting in implants?” and the answer is ALL of them. You see back when Joan had those molars extracted, and even when the dentist is treating her decades later in 1969 implants, as we know them today, did not exist! Plus even if implants existed it would make no sense to extract teeth to make the cheeks hollow then fill up the hollow space. Duh!

I get it – they are writing for a 2017 audience, and very few folks watching work in dentistry – I get it. The double top secret discount for today is 15% off for the first patient to post a reply to this blog online.










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Mountain Don’t

Holy cow, I don’t usually cringe at movie dental scenes, and I certainly didn’t expect a cringe-worthy dental scene from the movie That Sugar Film. However, I found this scene so disturbing I briefly forgot what movie I was watching.

You see poor Larry has been drinking Mountain Dew since he was 2 years old and apparently doesn’t know which end of the toothbrush to use to boot.  Apparently people in his community will also put soda pop in baby bottles! So just before his 18th birthday he was going to have the nubbins left of his teeth removed and get full dentures.

To me, this is just a tragedy, totally avoidable with a little effort, and it was so brutal. You see at that age, teeth usually have very strong roots, as periodontal disease has yet to take hold. Strong roots and the fact that there is not much tooth structure left to grab on to makes for some terribly difficult extractions. I looked away as the dentist tried to remove ALL of this poor kids teeth. The kid had so many infections (changing the ph. of his body) and was so amped up (creating lots of adrenaline in his system) that the anesthetic didn’t really work, and they gave up. Watch this at your own risk.

Poverty is no excuse for this, unless Mountain Dew flows free from the faucet instead of water. I mean you do have to PAY for Mountain Dew, right? I mean ten Mountain Dews cost like ten bucks right? Ten bucks a day is $300 a month. It is indeed cheaper to drink water, correct? Unless Mountain Dew is free I cannot accept poverty as an excuse to bathe your teeth in sugar every waking moment of the day.

I have so much more to say about this. But I will cut it short and just say that the double top secret discount for today is 15% off for the first person who replies to this blog.





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Wow, the Charlize Theron movie Monster is great. It’s so dark and disturbing it’s certainly not for everyone. However, the transformation that Charlize Theron makes from gorgeous movie star to bedraggled, homeless, abused murderer is amazing.

Google Images

The difference that good hair and makeup can make is astonishing. She also gained quite a few pounds for the role, but as always the part that I was amazed by was the transformation in her smile.

While the character’s smile wasn’t bad it was not the gorgeous smile that Theron normally sports.

Google Images

In this image, you can see how she put in a dental prosthesis to make her teeth look too large, stained and a bit off center. Really not bad, not horrible, just not perfect.

For me, this again confirms that people cannot be gorgeous without gorgeous teeth. If you’d like to have gorgeous teeth we can help you with that. The double top secret discount for today is 15% off the next procedure for the first patient who posts a reply to this blog (one per patient per month).


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Trump’s Teeth

There is an article in The Washington Post published on Saturday the 13th in which a gal from the Eastern Shore says, “teeth are the telltale, visible sign of wealth.”

The article is mostly about the haves and the have-nots. It discusses the problems poor people face in getting necessary dental care and contrasts that with rich people being able to spend lots of money on cosmetic dentistry. They mention Donald Trump in the article, and he is a great example of a rich person who has had a lot of cosmetic dentistry.

I found this great triple pic of the progression of his teeth on the Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry site. Wow, that is one of the phoniest smiles ever. His teeth are way too white; they seem to almost glow. We call that refrigerator white. They are also too uniform, too straight, too even, just too darn fake. It’s a shame because his natural teeth were perfectly nice as we can see from the older photo.

The double top secret discount for today (one per patient per month) is 15% off the next visit for the first patient who posts a reply to this blog. If there is ever anything we can do for you give us a call.

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I am bummed to find out that, “Electronic cigarettes are as equally damaging to gums and teeth as conventional cigarettes” according to the study done by the University of Rochester Medical Center.

I am bummed because as both of my readers know I am really opposed to cigarette smoking. I was holding out hope that vaping might be a less harmful way for nicotine addicts to get their fix. But if this study is correct vaping is harmful too. I guess the big question is does vaping cause cancer. I suppose it will take time to find out. If you’d like to discuss this or any other dental issue give us a call. We like hearing from you!

The double top secret discount for today is 15% off for the first patient to post a reply to this blog. One per patient per month.


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FlossingThat’s right I am going there. I am using the “s” word – stupid. I refuse to sugar coat it. This is stupid if it is true, and I bet it is. I found an article about how people hate to floss in and I find it so irritating that I cannot pussyfoot around it.

“According to the AAP [American Academy of Periodontology], 27% of adults in the United States admit they lie to their dentist about how often they floss. Perhaps more disturbing, 36% would rather do something unpleasant than floss. These activities included washing a sink full of dirty dishes (18%), cleaning the toilet or waiting in a long checkout line (14% each), and sitting in traffic for an hour or doing their taxes (9% each)”

14% would rather clean a toilet than floss? Are you kidding me! They must not put much effort into cleaning that toilet. 9% would rather sit in an hour of traffic? That doesn’t even make sense. If you put a lot of time into flossing and do it perfectly it might take three minutes. These dummies would rather lose an hour of their life in traffic, wasting gasoline, than spend three lousy minutes flossing. That’s just stupid. That’s not merely a preference, that’s an indication that someone cannot do basic math.  Three minutes vs 60 minutes, hello!

TrafficI want to meet the people who say they’d rather spend 60 minutes in traffic than three minutes flossing. I have a bridge to sell them. I also have a cousin in Nigeria who is a prince and if we just send him 10K dollars to help him get out of the country we will get back ten million. So please if you would rather spend 60 minutes in traffic than three minutes flossing call me.

The double top secret discount (one per patient per month) for today is 15% off the next dental visit for the first patient to post a response to this blog.

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According to the Alaska TV station, KTVA, “Prosecutors say an Alaska dentist charged with Medicaid fraud pulled a sedated patient’s tooth while riding a hoverboard”

As an English major, I just love that sentence. There is so much packed in that 18-word sentence. First off an Alaska dentist is being

Google images

prosecuted for Medicaid fraud. Not a huge revelation, but still a scandal. Then that this dentist was pulling a patient’s tooth while riding a hoverboard. That’s just nuts.

It’s so absurd that it even stumps google images. There are no dentists on hoverboards on Google.

Google Images


I can see riding a hoverboard here in the office as the floor is pretty open and certainly flat. But how on earth does this dentist end up on a hoverboard while treating patients? It strikes me as so absurd that it must be true.

The double top secret discount for today is 15% off for the first patient who posts a reply to this blog. Online only, one per patient per month.

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