Corn, Cars, and Floss

I wrote that previous blog entry in March of this year. I have been waylaid since then and am finally getting around to blogging again. (Dr. Urban mentioned something about a paycheck and that if I want one I’d better get crackin’ ;-))

I saw that same friend I wrote about in March, and yes she is indeed a real person; I am not making up hypothetical situations. Anyway, on the 4th of July she and I were at a cookout. Our host grilled corn on the cob. Everyone raved about how delicious and sweet it was. I passed on it, even though I love corn on the cob. When my friend, we’ll call her Kris, asked if I would like an ear I said, “No thanks, if I eat that then I will need to floss and it will drive me nuts.”

She replied, “Oh I have floss in my car.”

I beamed with pride thinking that this must be due to my influence. “Fabu, floss in the car. I am impressed”, I said. She had told me previously that she had started to use plastic tooth picks due to my influence. I thought she had bumped it up a notch to floss, and to have it in the car – Well I must be very influential.

She went on to tell me a story about a dinner out one night when she ate, “a particularly sinewy steak”. She said, “A bit got stuck here” pointing to her upper left molar area, “and it drove me nuts. I tried to get it out with my fingernail. I tried to get it out with a matchbook cover. I pulled a loose string from my shirt to floss it, but it broke.” And I kid you not, she said this, “I even tried to unravel a tampon string, but nothing worked. I actually had to leave early and go home to floss. It went from annoying to painful!”

“Well yeah, it was actually wedging your teeth apart, working as an orthodontic device.” I said, crestfallen that I had not been the impetus for her car floss.

The moral of the story is: Floss isn’t just for dental health, nor should it be kept solely in the bathroom. If you get a bit of sinewy steak, corn on the cob, or maybe a popcorn kernel  stuck between your teeth, you might have to end a fun evening early, unless you have floss in the car.

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