Sunshine Smile

Today I pulled into the dental office parking lot facing the glorious sun rising in the east. I love this time of year when the days are getting longer, the sun comes up a little earlier every day. So I sat there basking in the sun for a minute, pulled down the vanity mirror to see how I was looking today.

The thing that always strikes me when there is bright sunlight in the car, and I use the mirror to look at myself, is how amazingly bright it is, far brighter than any light I have in my house. Since the mirror is so close it’s like seeing myself in HD which is not pleasant. Many a comedian has joked about meeting someone at night, in a dark bar, and when the lights come on, ack!

Today I noticed that my eyebrows, which I thought were pretty well maintained, are quite bushy, not quite as bad as Comrade Brezhnev’s yet, but certainly not as well shaped as I thought. I can only think he didn’t own a mirror.

I then checked my smile; it’s fabulous. 🙂

In sunlight my gums are pink (no periodontal disease), the gums are not too long (no gummy smile) and my teeth are well aligned, not crowded, good proportions. Not perfect proportions which is a dead giveaway when it comes to artificial teeth. They are tooth colored white, not unnatural refrigerator white, not yellow, not brown, no stains (although I drink a lot of tea). Yay! This would not be the case if I didn’t work in dentistry and particularly for Dr. Urban.

Before I worked for Dr. Urban my teeth were not this well aligned or this white. Dr. Urban has performed minor orthodontics on me; he whitened my teeth, and put two veneers on my front teeth. Can you tell which two are veneered?

If your eyebrows are starting to look like Leonid’s I suggest you google local nail salons, hair salons, or day spas. If you would like to have a great, natural looking smile call us anytime.

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