Spring Break-ing Point

Last week our office was closed. Beth went to Mexico; she came back with a nice tan. Dr Urban drove to New Orleans. Mani went to Atlantic City.

I stayed in town brooding on the job site that I call home. My goal was to finish sanding my bedroom floors on my own. However, it was breaking my knees, and I finally realized it would take me a year to do this alone with a belt sander. So I broke down and had the upstairs floors professionally refinished before the drywall and painting was done. This is out of order and my G.C., who is also my aunt, was not happy about my doing things out of order.

(Can you see the black stains in the foreground and by the window. That was from some poor pet that was locked in that room years ago. Disgusting! That’s Gilbert with Capitol Floors. Thanks Gilbert & Rachid!)

I just couldn’t wait. I was so tired of walking on a filthy floor. When I got out of bed I had to put shoes/slippers on before I could walk to the restroom as the floors just could not be cleaned. Even socks were not enough as the dust would seep through the socks. ICK! It was awful to have to always walk in and out of the bathroom with shoes on. Jumping out of the shower to grab the towel I forgot was NOT an option.  I would worry anytime a pillow hit the floor as it would get dirty. I couldn’t drop a piece of clothing on the floor; if I did it had to go into the laundry. Keep in mind I do not have a washer or dryer (or a kitchen sink, stove, microwave, dishwasher, kitchen ceiling, kitchen walls . . . ) so needing to wash anything that hit the floor gets to be a hassle.

Now my upstairs floors are nice and shiny clean.

I love the result! However, now I have to use drop cloths every time I do anything up there. For instance, I have to clean the windows with, “Goof Off” as there is paint all over the window casements. I wouldn’t want to spill Goof Off on my new floor, it would mess up the finish.  My aunt is constructing a closet for me; she’s less than happy about having to be more careful about dropping drywall mud when she works on it. When we paint it will certainly be more of a hassle, but I just could not spend another minute with those floors.

Being able to walk across the floor barefoot, without the fear of catching a parasite is fabulous. When something falls on the floor I don’t flip. The most important part is that I have re-gained some sanity, and optimism about this project actually getting done.

In order to keep the bedroom floors nice and clean I have devised a way to keep the dust downstairs –Swiffer!

I attach a Swiffer dry cloth to each of my shoes with rubber bands. So when I go downstairs, the floor gets a tiny bit cleaner and the dust sticks to the Swiffer cloth and does not get deposited onto the new floor upstairs.

One warning about this Swiffer foot system – I must hold the stair rail when I go downstairs. These things are super slippery. I was carrying something downstairs and fell. Now I make sure to hold the rail.

So if you have any questions about living on a construction site, or my Swiffer system, or if you need a great dentist give me a call.

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