Decisions Decisions

I am distracted, once again, by my home renovation.

Today I need to choose a paint color I find this task daunting. There are no fewer than 173 shades of beige/cream/off white. I don’t think I will dare to choose an actual color; I tend to pick color like a 3rd grade girl, all pinks and purples. I went to the Caribbean a few years ago. I loved all the crazy, vibrant colors they use to paint homes and businesses. I came home and painted the wood trim in my old house bright green, and yellow. Yeah . . .

photo from Google Images

Since I’ve never chosen color well in the past I think I will stick with neutrals, but there are a ton of neutrals. I looked to the internet for advice. You can choose a neutral with yellow undertones, red undertones, or maybe blue undertones. Undertones? Ugh. I think I just do not see color very well. I’m not color blind, but I seem to be color myopic. I’m certain the color I pick will be ugly, and I am going to have to live with it for a while.

Photo from Google Images

I stand in front of the paint chips, and I hear them talking to me. “Alison, pick me pick me”, the pinks and purples urge. Then the greens chime in, “Do something different. Choose me!” “Don’t be silly earth tones are safe”, the neutrals caution wisely. I think I will wear my phone earpiece into Lowes tonight, so when the paint chips talk to me I can tell them to shut up, and people will just think I am on the phone.

Photo from Google Images

I realize that these are good problems. If my worst task this week is choosing paint colors then I am having a very good week indeed. One thing I would never have trouble choosing is a dentist. One day Dr. Urban will retire, or I will move far away, and I will need to choose a new dentist. No problem; just go to the Academy of General Dentistry website and choose a member of the academy.

Members of the Academy take lots of continuing education courses, Fellows and Diplomates even more. I’d call a few local Fellows of the Academy of General Dentistry and go with whoever was nicest on the phone. Dr Urban is, of course, a Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry.

So if you have any advice about paint colors please call me! I need help. If you need a great dentist look no further.

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1 Response to Decisions Decisions

  1. Robin says:

    So glad you didn’t leave that wood trim… 🙂

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