This is the first sentence that I have ever typed on a Mac. I have not made any new blog entries for a while because my PC got a virus, for the second time in 4 months! I believe I was doing a search for the father of modern dentistry, G.V. Black. Shortly thereafter my machine locked up and that was it, no more PC. Since our computer maintenance company had just removed a virus and fixed my machine (for a hefty fee) just a few months before we realized we needed to take more drastic measures. We changed computer companies and have disallowed any web surfing, even if it is work related; Dr. Urban bought a Mac so that we can access the internet and not get a virus.

Yes, we had a firewall. Yes, we had the latest anti-virus protection. Everyone I spoke to said that PC viruses come out so often that the prevention software often cannot keep up. So no more PC web access for our office. I wish we could use Macs for our dental software as well, but the experts assure me that is not a great idea. ~Sigh~

I have been wondering who makes these computer viruses and WHY? I don’t see the motivation. Is it just vandalism? I mean I understand hacking, a hacker might gain valuable info, but a virus is just a nuisance, often a costly nuisance. Does anyone know the answer to this? Are the anti-virus companies making more viruses to keep them in business? I know that sounds cynical but I just cannot imagine another logical reason.

While it took me a while to figure out how to open word processing app on this machine, I like it so far. The knowledge that this machine will not get a virus is reassuring. Hmmm I wanted a better word than reassuring, so I right clicked as I would with a PC to get a thesaurus. I found a dictionary and some other things. I wonder if this word processor also has a thesaurus? I bet it does, I just have to figure it out. Hmmm, I just tried to ctrl-s to save this doc. I don’t think that worked. There will certainly be a learning curve for me with this Mac. Hmmm, this font is very small and I cannot see how to enlarge it. If you have any Mac word processing tips feel free to post them. I could use a tutor.

I just asked Dr Urban how to change the font. He laughed as he replied, “I felt happy to just be able to find websites. I feel like someone gave me a car in England and told me to drive. Sure I know how to drive, but everything is backward.” I feel the same way.

Now I have to figure out how to find our website on a Mac and post this to my blog. It’s now 1:27 PM. Lets see how long it takes. Well, I found this document again, thats a small victory. However, this machine does not seem to be connected to the internet. I will start the clock again after I have a connection. Woohoo, it was easy, just a bumped portal connection. 1:30 lets see how long it takes me to post this.

Why don’t I just type in the blog? Because I don’t like the interface. I prefer to make a document then paste it in.

YAY it’s 1:37, and I think I may have posted this. Let’s see if I can get our link in as well.

I haven’t figured out how to make the above address a link, but I will. 🙂

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