We’re Number 1!

I’ve seen a lot of Facebook posts this month about Thanksgiving. Many people are posting one thing they are thankful for each day. So today I will complain bitterly just to do something different. 😉

I hate traffic. DC now is tied with Chicago for the worst traffic in terms of time, money, and gas wasted in traffic. Woohooo! We’re (tied for) number one! We’re (tied for) number one! I’ve heard lots of reports over the last decade or so which rank bad traffic. Our area typically makes the top ten, often the top five, but this article places us right at the top. www.wtop.com/?nid=&sid=2241488

I am so glad that I’ve moved inside the beltway. I can often now park my car all weekend and not drive for a few days in a row. However, I live one block from Route 1 in Alexandria. I feel as if I am a prisoner of traffic from 6-10AM and then again from 3-7PM. I structure my day around it if possible.

As I drive around the inner loop of the beltway in the morning, from Alexandria to Falls Church, I see the poor souls trying to go the opposite way. There is so much construction on that side of the beltway it just crawls in the morning. Then I get to the I-95 interchange and the inner loop backs up.

However, I am heartened by some of the construction I see. While it’s a pain to drive around the construction mess, I can see large swaths of paved roads appearing where previously there was rubble. It’s coming together, slowly but surely.

I started this blog last week and got waylaid. This morning Beth and I were discussing traffic, so I Googled ‘DC beltway construction’ and found this great site, and this informative timeline.

Now I can see why traffic in 2011 is making me crazy(er). As you can see 2011 is when ALL construction is going on – bridges & overpasses, outer lanes, and inner lanes. Ugh. However, much like large swaths of paved road appearing, this time line also gives me hope that things will get better.


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