I hate getting older. I suppose everyone does (everyone who is over 30) but today I have an all day reminder of my decrepitude. I finally broke down and bought bifocals. Actually they are supposed to be trifocals sans lines; transitional lenses they are called. Since I’ve only had them a couple days I am still learning how to find the right focal distance. Of course, now I am struggling to get the computer screen distance. I think my typing teacher would be happy as they seem to be making my posture better, because if you do not get the exact right spot both vertically and horizontally the view gets fuzzy. No room for slouching. ACK! Now the glasses are on top of my head. I was getting dizzy.

I fight aging with the standard arsenal that many American women use. I dye my hair to hide the grey. I stay out of the sun to avoid more wrinkles. I’d like to avoid glasses, but I don’t think they make trifocals in contact lenses, and my optometrist tells me my eye sight is not bad enough to warrant laser surgery. I’ve had chemical peels on my face in the past, and I really need to get an appointment for another. So yeah, if I can look less old with relatively little cost and inconvenience count me in.

Back when I had TV I loved to watch the makeover shows. There was one called Ten Years Younger. This is a case where you can pretty much judge a show by it’s title. A contestant would be put in a glass box, in a public square/ shopping mall type area, before having a makeover. Passersby would be encouraged to comment on the person in the box, and say how old they think that person is and why. Some of the comments could be quite hurtful, “Well, she looks kinda old. Her hair is a mess. Her clothes are too old fashioned.” I felt bad for the contestants. But we the viewers always knew that the makeover team would make that person look better/ younger by the end of the show. Of course at the end of the show they’d put them back in the box with their new hair and clothes, makeup etc. and invariably people would guess that person to be 8-18 years younger than they did previously.

I, of course, noticed the dental segments more than any other. I was always impressed with what the dentists did and they did it so quickly. But they edited the show so I do not know really how long any of this actually took. It seemed to me the contestants were often the most joyous when they revealed their new teeth. It’s amazing what a nice, white, even smile can do to make a person look better. These people never got actual plastic surgery, so often the dental portion of the show was the most involved and costly, of course it was free to the contestant.

So if you are like me, forty-something and trying not to look fifty-something, keep your teeth in mind. Take a good look in the mirror. Are your teeth worn, uneven, and stained? These are all things that happen even to those who started out with very nice teeth; time wears and stains almost everything. Too bad our teeth aren’t made of stainless steel.

If you feel like you could use a more youthful smile call us. We can help you with that.

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