2012 Resolution

Every year goes by faster than the one before, and 2011 was no exception. It seems like last month I was writing about my 2011 New Year’s resolution. It was to speak more softly; I’m still working on it. I wouldn’t say that I have failed or succeeded, yet. I’m certainly more conscious of it. I have to battle my stentorian inclinations every day. I’ll get there, eventually.

This year I am resolving to cook more and eat at restaurants less. As I have chronicled in so many blogs this past year, I moved to an area in which I can walk to about a hundred nifty restaurants, and just as many deliver food to my door with just a few clicks of the key board. I took a gander at my credit card bill last week – Ooof, restaurant, restaurant, delivery, restaurant, delivery, restaurant. I’m not going anywhere fancy or spending a lot, but $20-$30 bucks almost every day adds up. I am guessing that I am paying two or three times what I would if I would just grocery shop regularly, and eat at home most of the time.

So this year I am going to cook. My challenge is that I don’t know what to cook. The only thing I can think of is pasta and maybe crock pot soup. I suppose I should think about what I buy in restaurants. Pizza, pasta, chili, salad, soup, sandwiches . . . Oh, grape leaves, there is a restaurant that delivers stuffed grape leaves to my house. Mmmmmm, they seem like they’d be tricky to make. Maybe that can be my one occasional extravagance; I’ll treat myself to store-bought grape leaves every now and then.

I take for granted that I can eat anything that I can fit into my mouth. Having healthy teeth is a wonderful thing that I often forget to appreciate. Crunchy carrots, apples, corn on the cob, sticky gooey candy, sandwiches with wonderful chewy, crusty bread – no problem.

If you are having trouble eating everything that you’d like to because your teeth are not in tip top shape make a New Years resolution to change that, and give us a call.

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