Going Out of Business?

In reading Dentistry Today January, 2012 issue I found that there is now a mouthwash that could eliminate tooth decay!  While fluoride rinses help to prevent tooth decay this new product claims to eliminate it. This new product is a Specifically Targeted Antimicrobial Peptide, or STAMP. It kills the bacteria Streptococcus mutans, which cause tooth decay.

As I started to read the article I thought, yeah sure, it’s great to kill bacteria, but antibiotics often have unwanted side effects.  The article went on to acknowledge that fact, I should have known these smarty pants are way ahead of me.  This STAMP that they are developing known as C16G2, “acts as a sort of ‘smart bomb’ eliminating only harmful bacteria . . . (Unlike) broad spectrum antibiotics (which) can seriously disrupt the body’s normal ecological balance”.

Not only could this STAMP eliminate tooth decay it may also, “lay the foundation for developing additional target-specific ‘smart bomb’ antimicrobials to combat other diseases”.  Don’t look for this rinse in the stores though. It’s not yet FDA approved, but the FDA will be doing more clinical trial on this product in March.

I know that I am totally biased when it comes to dentistry, but really what other profession is so eager to put themselves out of business? It was dentists who pioneered and promoted fluoride which decreased tooth decay so much that many people my age and younger have never had a cavity. Now a ‘smart bomb’ to eliminate bacteria that causes tooth decay! Wow, I wonder where dentistry will be in a hundred years. Will we even need dentists? I really don’t know.

But for now tooth decay is a fact of life. If you have problems with that, or any dental issue we can help you.

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