Tooth Tattoos

Wow, tooth tattoos. Take a look.

At first I thought a tattoo on a tooth is crazy, as I could only picture it right in the middle of an upper front tooth. However, you can have this on a back tooth, or a side tooth, or the tongue side of the tooth, so that it can only be seen if you are really trying to show it.

Dr Urban had an idea years ago of putting team logos on teeth. As soon as he reminded me of that I could see several of my friends getting these tooth tatts.

I see several advantages to this kind of tattoo over a regular one.
1. It’s tiny.
2. It can be very discreet.
3. A dentist can polish it off in 5 minutes if you want to get rid of it.

If you’d like a work of art in your mouth, regardless of whether or not you have a tattoo on it, give us a call we can help you with that.


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