Pumpkin Teeth

I had my cousin’s seven year old daughter this past weekend and she lost a tooth. She was complaining about it quite a bit before it fell out, and I told her to just keep wiggling it. It was two days of –

“Ali, my tooth is bothering me.”

“Wiggle it some more, sweetie. It will come out soon.”

“Ali, my tooth is bothering me.”

“Let me see. Yep, it’s loose. Keep wiggling it.”

And sure enough, we were out on a boat yesterday and she said, “Ali, I don’t want to swallow my tooth at lunch, but it’s really, really loose.”

“Well, wiggle it a bunch now and it will come out before lunch. Then you won’t have to worry about it.”

And magically, painlessly a tooth appeared in her hand, at which point I said, “Hang on to it, honey. Let me take a picture real quick while you are still bleeding.”

I didn’t realize when I took the photo how distracting her hair was. She lost the side tooth. The two in front are actually her adult front teeth. They are still so far apart it looks as if she’s missing every other tooth, giving her that pumpkin toothed look.

Here’s one cleaned up. I’m looking forward to showing this to her fiancé in twenty years.

If you need a good dentist give us a call.

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