Hidden Benefits

My aunt recently got “invisible braces”. These are braces that are essentially clear trays that you wear for two weeks then move on to the next clear tray. They are not 100% invisible, but they are indeed far less noticeable than traditional metal braces. In our office we offer this treatment for mild tooth crowding. My aunt doesn’t live nearby and her case was on the more complex side, so we are not treating her here.

Yesterday, being Mother’s Day, we were all at her house to celebrate. She said, “My teeth are so loose now when I take out the trays to eat. I have to be very careful.” I am sure that her teeth are alarmingly loose. When Dr. Urban did orthodontics for me twenty years ago I had the curse and the benefit of the metal wires and brackets. These kept my teeth from feeling loose as they moved gradually into their correct position. However, when he removed the braces I was distressed by the mobility of my teeth. Mobility is the word dentists use to describe loose teeth. I felt like my teeth would fall out if I bit into anything more challenging than soup.

So my aunt went on to say that because she has to remove her trays to eat, and she then has to clean both the tray and her teeth before putting the tray back in, that it really makes her think about whether or not she wants to eat. No more absent minded snacking. Eating is now a very conscience process for her.

I noticed yesterday that she was also not chewing gum. She had been a smoker for over twenty years and fifteen years or so ago she quit cigarettes with the aid of nicotine gum. I found it amusing because when she’d get stressed out she’d pop a piece of gum, and chew it as if the gum owed her money. When I asked her about the gum she said that she quit it because of the braces. Chewing gum was nearly as inconvenient as eating. It’s a good thing because since she quit chewing nicotine gum her blood pressure has gone down.

So while braces are a bit of hassle, there are hidden benefits in addition to the obvious benefit of beautiful, well aligned teeth – no more absent minded eating, and no more gum chewing.

If you’d like to have beautiful smile give us a call. We can help you with that.


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