As We Mature

As we mature I suppose some good things happen – Our judgment improves, we get smarter, and our skill set gets larger. However, I think we are all familiar with the unpleasant physical effects of maturing. Our metabolism slows down, we lose muscle mass, our teeth wear out. The downside seems endless.

Here in the dental office we’ve always tried to couch these issues gingerly. No one wants to hear that they are getting old. I have a great optometrist out in Burke, his name is Dr. Katz. He gave me a nice way to say this. Eyes tend to wear out much like teeth do, and the way he phrased it when I needed reading glasses was, “As we mature . . . ”.  I loved it, and Dr. Urban and I have adopted this phrase for dental issues related to aging.

One of the standard annoyances of aging teeth is that they get so darn cold sensitive. Mine are no exception. Every now and then my teeth are so cold sensitive that I need treatment. What we used to do was use prescription strength fluoride and sensitivity protection tooth paste, both of which are still fine options. However, we have found an instant cure for some types of cold sensitivity.

We now have a chemical that is used to abate cold sensitivity for patients who are bleaching their teeth. You apply it directly to the tooth, and voila instantly better.  This chemical is only available to dentists.

So if you are finding that your teeth are becoming more cold sensitive as you mature give us a call, we can help you with that.

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