Poor Tom

Poor Tom Cruise, that guy can’t get a break. Since we have lots of Hollywood gossip magazines here at the dental office (as well as a bunch of nifty news, sports, fashion, and science magazines) we are a tad more exposed to these Hollywood stories than the typical office environment might be.

So I figured what the heck, I might as well pile on too!

A friend posted something on Facebook that lead me to this photo


Wow! What a difference nice, white, well aligned front teeth make. He went from looking like an ignorant street thug to the handsome man we all know.

Being in dentistry I can’t help but see the discoloration at the gum-line of his upper right central incisor (upper right front tooth) and that this tooth is dead center of his smile, instead of just to the right like it should be. This is pushing his left central incisor way over to the left (this is in the handsome, recent photo), giving his teeth a bit of a side swept appearance, making an imperfect yet engaging smile.

If you want a great dentist who has all the latest magazines for you to enjoy give us a call.

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