Nail Biter

Many people bite their nails, and most don’t have big problems because of it. However, here at the dental office we have seen at least one patient who bit his nails, and broke a front tooth as a result of it.

We thought it was odd that this patient kept breaking the same front tooth in the same place. We’d fix it but in a couple weeks he was back, snaggle toothed again. Dr. Urban asked him if he was chewing on pencils or ice. The patient admitted he was chewing on his finger nails. No wonder his front tooth was breaking!

Teeth are for chewing food, not pencils, ice, or finger nails. Teeth did not evolve to open bottles. We once had a patient who was repeatedly breaking her front tooth by opening a lotion bottle with it. I cringe every time I see a friend use their teeth to open a bottle, and now some of them delight in seeing me cringe.

So the moral of today’s blog is don’t use your teeth to chew anything but food. Opening bottles, or chewing ice, pens, pencils, or fingernails will eventually break your teeth. However, if you have broken a tooth we can help you with that. Give us a call.

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