Maryland Bridge

When we hear Maryland Bridge in the DC area we might think Wilson, or Cabin John, perhaps American Legion. However, a Maryland bridge is a type of dental bridge.

My uncle called me last week. He had broken a tooth and he thought he might need to have the tooth crowned, or maybe even extracted. When a tooth has been extracted we can replace it several ways. More and more the best option is an implant. However, implants weren’t always the best option. I mentioned the other options to my uncle including a Maryland Bridge.

If you are interested in exactly what a Maryland Bridge is check out this YouTube video.

My uncle also said something that I found to be interesting. He said, “I  want to know my options because some dentists will just tell you the most expensive option.” He didn’t say it outright, but what I inferred was that he thought that the most expensive option is not necessarily the best option.

We have found that giving some patients many options just confuses them. I know personally when I trust my doctor, or other professional, I ask, “what would you do if this were you?” I am one of those people who don’t want a lot of options. I want the expert who I have hired to recommend the best option for me. I feel like that’s what I’m paying them for.

Here at the dental office we are happy to discuss all your options, or just give you the best option and leave it at that. Whatever you prefer, just let us know.

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