Now that I have been traveling on the E-Z Pass lanes for a few weeks I must retract my negative review of them from my November 19, “Not Impressed” blog.

One of the aspects that I am enjoying is that the way I come from Alexandria is a breeze. I zip right into the lanes, it costs anywhere from 90 cents to $3.30, easy-peasy, no slowing down at all. Best of all for me the new exit onto Rt. 29 from the express lanes puts me in a much more convenient spot than the normal beltway exit at Fairview Park. And this is just on the way in.

It used to be that I would need to leave my office before 3:45, or after 7:00 PM if I wanted to have any chance of getting onto the beltway without getting stuck for 20-40 minutes in the merging melee where Fairview Park melds traffic from Route 50, as ambulances scream past on their way to Gallows Rd., all of us trying to use the same stretch of asphalt to get both on and off the beltway. Now with the express lane exit I go right from Route 29 directly onto the express lanes, which so far are always traveling at 55 miles per hour. I am in Alexandria in fifteen minutes, no matter what time I leave the office. Ahhhhhh.

However, I do think that if the makers of the transcontinental railroad could construct 1,777 miles of railroad in 6 years, in the 1860’s, that here in the third millennia four years was far too long for the construction of this fourteen mile stretch of asphalt. Don’t get me wrong I like the express lanes, but we suffered through four years of traffic construction nightmare, and we are paying every time we use the lanes. It wasn’t exactly a gift, but it is a welcome relief.

So if you are in Alexandria and you need a good dentist, you can now have one in Falls Church without a brutal commute. Just jump on the Express Lanes and give us a call.

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