Ugly Duckling

My one and only blog fan sent me this story. He thought it might be good blog fodder and I agree. Thanks Uncle John!–?ref_w=frontdoors&view=today&.intl=US&.lang=en&.tsrc=yahoo

ugly duckling Feb 2013

It seems a snaggle-toothed smile is all the rage in Japan. This article struck me as so farfetched that I checked and there are lots of links to stories about this phenomenon, so I guess it’s real.  Women in Japan are actually paying to have their teeth made . . . I’m just going to say it . . . ugly. They are ugly. The words quirky and impish have been used to describe this look, but I’m going with ugly. The women are nice looking, but their teeth are ugly.

It’s certainly a youthful look. I’ll admit that. It looks like an 8-10 year old who needs braces, but has yet to get them.  Here in the dental office we call this the, “ugly duckling” phase. The idea being that kids eventually grow out of this phase and become beautiful swans.  While I would indeed like to look a decade or two younger I’d never want to look pubescent.  Don’t we all get done with that phase of life and thank our lucky stars that we never have to go back to it?

So if you’d like to have ugly duckling teeth give us a call we could help you with that, but we won’t. I’d do everything I could to talk you out of this mistake.  703-532-1712



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