A friend of mine, who used to work here at the dental office, sent this photo to me on Facebook. Thanks, Nancy!  I love it.

Hyperdontia photo from Google Images

I was aware of this condition of having extra teeth, as Dr. Urban has an extra tooth. His condition is rather mundane as he only has one supernumerary tooth, and it’s a lower front tooth, and it fits right in. You’d never know to look at him, but it made for interesting charting issues when his fellow dental school students practiced on him. “Let’s see that’s tooth number 22, 23, 24, 25, wait – there are two tooth number 24’s! That’s not number 25. Jeez, Urbs you are messing up my chart!”

This  condition is called hyperdontia (Dr. Urban had only ever used the term, ‘supernumerary’ in referring to his own extra tooth, so hyperdontia was a new one for me) and there are lots of nifty photos of this condition that you can find online.

I’d love to know about the person in the photo above. Have they ever considered extracting the extra teeth? Do they bother the patient? This person only has one silver filling, so he/she is getting dental care, and decay doesn’t seem to be a big issue. So many questions . . .

So if you’d like to take a peek at a dentist with more than the normal number of teeth, come on in. We charge two bits a gander, but patients of record can take a look for free.

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