I once worked for a man who had a missing front tooth. He was a classic – tall, dark, handsome, well educated, professional, really the total package, except for the missing tooth.

Most men in his situation would have had the tooth replaced. Back then, in the late 1980’s, implants were new technology, but permanent bridges were well tested technology. He could have easily had the tooth replaced permanently, but he didn’t want to have it replaced.

You see this guy was a hockey player. He wasn’t a professional hockey player; he played as a hobby, but he really lived and breathed it. Of course, this is why he was missing a front tooth. It was knocked out in a hockey game. So instead of having a permanent bridge placed he wore what we call a flipper.

A flipper is a removable denture with one tooth on it. They call it a flipper because it flips in and out. You can essentially just pop it out with your tongue if you want to. This is kinda cool if you want to freak out children, or hockey opponents, which is exactly what he did. He felt the missing front tooth intimidated his opponents. I never doubted it.

The really weird thing about this situation was that this guy is a periodontist, a specialist, a dental surgeon who places implants!  In writing this I started to wonder if he is still in practice, and I see on the internet that he is indeed still practicing, and is well regarded and highly rated. I wonder if he ever had that flipper replaced with a permanent prosthesis?

If you need a tooth replaced, either with a flipper or with something more permanent, we can help you with that.

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