Dorian Osmond

One of the first things I ever blogged about was Donny and Marie Osmond’s teeth.  They were gorgeous back in the 1970’s, and they are still gorgeous today. I saw Marie on a weight loss ad recently, and I was amazed at how great she looks.


Donny and Marie 2012

Holy cow, this is the first time I put the pics together. She’s 53 years old and he’s 55! It looks like they both have fewer lines around their eyes now than they did back in the day, and her nose is a tad thinner than it was. His nose looks a tad sharper as well.  I wonder if that is due to airbrushing the photo or cosmetic surgery?

As we mature we need to keep up appearances or look old. Wrinkles aren’t the only things that make a person look aged;  dated hair styles, and yellow, chipped, missing and stained teeth also make a person look old.

While I don’t know exactly how Donny and Marie are pulling this off (maybe they have portraits in their attics that are aging for them) I do know how to keep teeth looking their best. If you’d like to have teeth as nice as Donny and Marie’s give us call. We can help you with that.

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  1. Singers that only old people remember. 🙂

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