Bristles Are Better

Bristles do it better is right! Above you can see an image of the space in between two back teeth. You can see the floss wrapped around the tooth on the left, and how the floss is missing much of the side of the tooth. Molar teeth have a bit of a concavity where they meet. This is why we don’t recommend floss in our office; we recommend special dental toothpicks or interproximal brushes, which you can see on the image to the right. You can clearly see how much better job brushing between teeth does than floss.

The Interdental Brush Club website is where I found that photo. They state their mission as, “Improving periodontal health through education and promotion of interdental brushes.”  I think I should work for these folks, as that’s a mission I can get behind.

I once had some isolated periodontal disease between my back teeth, even though I flossed every day. You can see from the image above why that might be. Floss just didn’t reach the areas that I needed it to. However, my proxabrush does a great job, and far more easily than floss. As far as I am concerned, the proxabrush cured my periodontal disease.

This website is great. I like the warning that they give, and I totally agree with it – “In areas where the tip of the triangle of gum in-between teeth called the papilla is essential for cosmetic appearance, perhaps around the front teeth or within the borders of your smile, floss may be preferred.” And sure enough, when I was using the proxabrush (interdental brush) on my front teeth my gums started looking weird, so I floss my front teeth, which is easy, and I use the proxabrush on my back teeth.

If you’d like any more tips on keeping healthy teeth and gums that last a lifetime give us a call. We can help you with that.


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