Meaningless Milestones

When the Simpsons had their 100th episode, the opening showed Bart writing, “I will not celebrate meaningless milestones” over and over on the chalkboard.

Well, this is my own meaningless milestone. This is my 100th blog entry.

Teeth,  tooth brushes, dentists, hygienists, dog teeth, celebrity teeth, kids losing baby teeth, floss, tooth paste, braces, cosmetic dentistry, world dental issues, I think I’ve covered it all. But unlike the fella at the US Patent Office who (apparently apocryphally) said, “we can close the patent office. There is nothing left to invent.”  I have every confidence that dentistry, and the dental office will give me something more to write about each and every week.

If you need a good dentist give us a call 703-532-1712

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One Response to Meaningless Milestones

  1. Thanks for getting the joke. I can’t take credit for it. Those Simpsons writers are darn clever!

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