In looking for something to blog about today, a friend suggested tongues. However, I have already done a blog about tongues. . But I Google searched tongues anyway, and I found this photo. Oh, ick! Miley Cyrus keep your tongue in your mouth!

Photo from Google Images

Photo from Google Images

That is so nasty. Her tongue looks plaque coated. I feel a bit gaggy just looking at it. As I mentioned (in the blog linked to above) Sammy Davis Jr. knew, way back when, that a white tongue is nasty looking. No one wants such a thing immortalized on film.

Good night, Miley, if you can’t brush your tongue at least eat a cherry Lifesaver to make it pink. But please if you are reading this brush your tongue thoroughly every day. It not only looks better, it makes your breath better too, way better.

If you like to chat about oral hygiene give us a call. It’s my favorite subject. 703-532-1712

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