Black Back Teeth

I was watching a disturbing movie this past weekend Extremities, with Farrah Fawcett. I don’t recommend this movie unless you like super dark, intense, and violent movies. I actually turned it off as it was too much even for me. However, a scene in which Farrah is screaming surprised me. The camera clearly shows her back teeth, and they were black with silver amalgam fillings.

Farrah was at one time the epitome of the gorgeous California girl. Hair, face, body, teeth, she had it all, but her back teeth were not pretty. Who knew? She certainly never posed for any still photographs with her back teeth showing. I know because I just spent 15 minutes looking for one. Most still photos of her do indeed show her gorgeous smile, featuring her fabulous front teeth, but her back teeth were always hidden, as most people’s are until they laugh or scream.

When I first started in dentistry, a quarter century ago, amalgam fillings were commonplace, and I am sure I would not have thought twice about Farrah’s black back teeth back then. However, times change and now I see black back teeth as ugly, and a sign of age. While I am a more dentally aware than most people are, I think this would be the impression that most people have of black back teeth.

I tend to laugh a lot, so I am sure my back teeth show often. Therefore, I am glad that Dr. Urban would never place a silver amalgam filling in my mouth. Consequently, I have nice looking teeth, both front and back. If you too would like not only fabulous front teeth, but also beautiful back teeth give us a call. We can help you with that.

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