Death Breath

I learned two new words this weekend, “putrescine” and “cadaverine”.  These are both chemicals that make dead bodies smell bad. What I learned this weekend is that they are also two of the culprits in bad breath. I found this out by watching NOVA Science Now, but I looked them up on Wiki, and you can too.

This makes sense to me as most people in the U.S. eat decaying bodies if they eat meat. So if you have not done a great job of oral hygiene there might be some decaying flesh in your mouth. Disgusting, but true.  Makes me wonder if vegetarians have better breath than omnivores.

So be sure to brush with a soft bristled toothbrush, that is less than three months old, for a full three minutes twice a day. Remember to remove all that bacteria and decaying matter hiding between your teeth with toothpicks, or a proxabrush everyday too, or you could get death breath. Quite literally, your breath could smell like a rotting corpse.

If you have any questions feel free to call anytime. Oral hygiene is my favorite subject.

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