Best Picture

As 2014 looms large and 2013 fades it’s time for another New Year’s Resolution blog.  

My 2011 resolution was to talk more quietly, and I still struggle with that.  2012 was the year to cook more and eat in restaurants less. Cooking for one is depressing; I just can’t get excited about cooking for me and my beagle, so that one has gone kaput. 2013 was to finish my novel and I actually did that, but it really needs a serious rewrite that I just don’t see happening anytime soon. Clearly, I need to make easier resolutions.

2014 is going to be the year of good movies for me. I resolve to watch every movie nominated for best picture by,“The Academy” from 1944 on.

There are a couple reasons I am choosing 1944 as the starting year. One is that I contend that, other than in 1939, movies made before World War II are unwatchable. Also in 1944 they limited the number of nominees to 5, so that gives me a nice round number of movies.  70 years times five nominees is 350 movies. The rules changed in 2009 and they started to nominate more, but I am going to limit those to the five as well.  Because once the 2013 nominees are added it could be more than a movie a day if I don’t limit it to 5. There are 368 nominees from 1944-2012 alone!

So I will print the list, and mark ‘em off as I see ‘em. If you have any New Year’s resolutions  I’d like to hear them, and if you have any dental issues give us a call. We can help you with that. 703-532-1712


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