Black and White

What’s black and white and a hundred and twelve years old? The King of Cambodia’s dentures.

I found this story by Daniel Demers, on Dr. very interesting, and worth a read if you get a chance.   According to Demers at the turn of the 19th century, the King of Cambodia had some painful dental issues, and an American dentist traveled a long way to go help him.

The Cambodian people had some weird dental fashions. They chewed a dark colored nut that turned their teeth black; seemingly, that wasn’t fashion but rather just a side effect. However, for fashion they would have their front teeth brutally and painfully filed down to be short. I think short teeth are ugly, so I have a hard time fathoming this practice. I guess it is like tattoos, they are painful to get and many people find them ugly, so who’s to say what is attractive?

Apparently, this dentist did a great job, got the king out of pain and made him some dentures. The thing that really struck me was that the dentist made the king a set of white dentures and a set of black dentures. “The king wore the white dentures when ‘in the company of white people, but when among his own race’ he inserted the black ones”(Demers). I wonder if the dentist also made the teeth very short. The article doesn’t say.

So anyway, Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! We are here in the office, so if you need anything give us a call.

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