Three Dollar Smile

Every now and then patients say things that really strike me. Last week we saw a new patient who has had a lot of dental problems in her lifetime, and she’s no spring chick.  Consequently, she has spent a great deal of money on her teeth, and she is not fond of dental appointments. I felt bad for her when she said, “I have got a million dollar mouth, but a three dollar smile.” Our goal is of course to give her a million dollar smile. I hope we are able to help her as she becomes more comfortable in our office.

Right after that we saw a patient of record who had a difficult extraction done at the oral surgeon’s office. They had to take the tooth out in eight pieces. He said, “I thought he was gonna pull my head off.”

So while dentistry isn’t always fun for patients, as evidenced by the quotes above, we do the best we can to give everyone a good experience. If there is anything we can do to give you a good dental experience please call.

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