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This is a link to great article and I agree completely with it. There is a lot of dental misinformation out there, and I am glad to see that WebMD is doing their part to combat it.

Of the 15 myths or facts in the article I agree with all 15.
The one thing I don’t like is the touting of mouth rinses. I think a lot of people read that mouth rinses help, and then get lazy, don’t clean in between their teeth thinking the rinse will do the work. As it says in the article, rinses help with extra protection, but I’m telling you rinses are not a substitute for cleaning between your teeth.

As I’ve mentioned before, we prefer tooth picking to flossing for a number of reasons. Rinsing does not do the job of picks. A good antimicrobial and/or fluoride rinse is great, but it doesn’t clean between your teeth, you have to do that manually.

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