Mad Teeth

AMC’s “Mad Men” is in it’s final season, and I am savoring every minute of it. Since the blog I did about Jessica Pare’s teeth  (  is the highest rated one that I have, and I am already lamenting the end of one of my favorite series,  I am posting about her again today.

Jessica Pare plays Don’s second wife Megan, and I was watching last night’s episode this morning on my DVR, but I had to get in the car and come to work just as (spoiler alert) Megan broke up with Don. I am looking forward to finishing last night’s episode this afternoon when I get home.

I still think she’s gorgeous despite her distracting teeth.

Jessica Pare on Google Images

Jessica Pare on Google Images

So if you want to discuss “Mad Men”, or Jessica Pare’s teeth, or your own teeth, give us a call. We’d love to hear from you. 703-532-1712


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2 Responses to Mad Teeth

  1. Dt says:

    I’m watching Season 7 of Mad Men…it’s not just that Jessica has bad teeth but it looks like there are too many of them and it looks like her gums are stretching hard to cover them…..quite a distraction

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