First Impressions

We all know the adage about not getting a second chance to make a good first impression. WAMU had an interesting story on this morning about just that. Michelle Trudeau reported about a University of Glasgow psychologist who did a study showing how important a person’s voice is from the very first syllable uttered.

“In less than a second, the time it takes to say “hello,” we make a snap judgment about someone’s personality, says Jody Kreiman, a UCLA researcher who studies how we perceive voice. On hearing just a brief utterance, we decide whether to approach the person or to avoid them.” (

I assert that you cannot sound good without good teeth. If you have loose teeth you are going to sound mumbley. If you have a tooth ache you won’t be able to open your mouth well to annunciate properly. If you have a poor fitting dental prosthesis you will lisp, or worse sound drunk.

So if you want to be perceived in a positive light speak well. In order to speak well make sure you have healthy, and well functioning teeth. If you want, we can help you with that. Just give us a call.

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