Polished Concrete

Back in 2011, I would blog quite a bit about my house renovation. I had the basement floor finished with very pretty wood laminate, which is quite vulnerable to water. Unfortunately, last month my water heater died and spilled it’s watery guts all over.  It killed the lovely flooring that was not even three years old – sigh.

So I went on a quest for flooring that would be more sturdy, and water proof. Polished concrete has become quite trendy, and I’ve seen many gorgeous photos of it on the internet.  It’s sturdy and water proof. I found a flooring company that worked very hard on Friday and Saturday trying to give me a polished concrete floor. It turned out awful. I made a video of how bad it is. You can watch it here.


The flooring company is going to come out tonight to try to make it right. I have my doubts, but so far while they aren’t good with results they are good with customer service. I am keeping my fingers crossed. In the mean while my living room is piled high with my basement furniture, covered in dust from the work in the basement. It’s like living on a job site again. Sigh.

Oh yeah one more thing, I think they bumped their truck into my back fence. I didn’t see it, but I saw the guy struggling with the truck, and the first time I went out there after they left the fence was bent. UGH.

So if you want a dental office that can also offer home renovation advice give us a call. I can help you with that 703-532-1712 FallsChurchSmiles.com

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2 Responses to Polished Concrete

  1. mike says:

    Hey, sorry to hear about your project that went bad. An option to clean to up the edges of the floors is you could score a border and use a darker color stain or even a solid color concrete sealer. This will help hide the divots and any color differences I was seeing in your video.

    • Thanks for the idea, Mike. I ended up having the whole mess covered with inexpensive linoleum planks. It’s not as nice as my last floor, nor is it as nice as the polished concrete I had envisioned, but it’s clean and neat.

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