Continuing Saga

The floor guys were not able to fix the myriad problems with my basement floor last week.

But they didn’t charge me, so it was a lesson learned on both sides. I won’t be outing them as they did do a good job of customer service, even if the floor turned out lousy. I am bummed that the polished concrete didn’t work out because I thought it would be really beautiful, and it would be the last floor I ever had to put in the basement. Que sera sera

I implemented plan B and got some peel and stick vinyl from Lowes, and my uncle installed it for me. As you can see, I still need to do some work on the walls, and the baseboards have to be replaced, but it’s getting there. I’m amazed at how such an inexpensive product can look so good.

basement vinyl June 2014

Until I get the baseboards and painting done I am still living with the basement furniture crammed in my living room. Sigh. So if you want any advice about teeth or flooring give me a call. I have experience with both.

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