While we were on vacation I found this story about a teenager in India who had 232 teeth removed. I thought surely this was another hyperdontia hoax, (like my blog posting here but after checking several sources the story seems real.

Apparently the teeth were not exactly teeth as we think of them, but more like toothy tumors. This story I found on refers to the teeth as “denticles”.

Denticle was a new word for me. Apparently it means tooth like structure.  This poor kid had a seven hour surgery to have all of these denticles removed.

I was thinking of posting a picture, but the photos of the denticles are pretty gruesome.  Unlike the time I was fooled by a fake photo of hyperdontia in which the teeth were very pretty, these teeth are not pretty, not pretty at all.  If you want to see photos check out the CNN link above.

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