45 Degrees

Listening to NPR last week they had a story about my favorite topic – tooth brushing! Actually it was a story about inventions and inventors, but the dentist in the story is inventing a new tooth brush that places the bristles at a 45 degree angle, in order to optimize brushing. You can check it out with this link. http://wamu.org/news/14/08/26/build_a_toothbrush_change_the_world_or_not

I applaud this dentist’s efforts. However, in my experience patients who take the two to three minutes to brush, and who clean in between all of their teeth with tooth picks every day (or floss if that works for them) end up doing just fine.

The last line of the story is, “There is, of course, that final hurdle: whether anybody will pay 10 bucks for a toothbrush.” I know for a fact that people pay more for tooth brushes every day. And if this toothbrush makes people brush for longer, great, if it gives them a better result in the same time, great. However, I doubt that the angle alone is going to do much. But I’ll be interested to see. Who knows, maybe this brush will revolutionize home dental care.

I’ll probably buy one of these brushes when they come out in the fall to check it out. But I’ve checked out many dental devices, and I’ve found the key is brushing with soft bristled brush, for at least two full minutes, replacing the brush every two to three months, cleaning in between teeth with picks or floss every day. That’s it; the formula is the same every time.

If you’d like to know more about dental hygiene give me a call anytime. I love talking about this subject.

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