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Tooth sensitivity is a common complaint. One of the first things I ask a patient, if they are complaining of general tooth sensitivity, is whether or not they are using a whitening or tartar control tooth paste. They can be quite abrasive and can cause sensitivity.

One of Dr. Urban’s standard lines about cleaning teeth is that, ‘you should treat your teeth like the finish on an expensive car’. You’d never use a Brillo pad and Ajax to clean your car; it would scratch the heck out of it.

Teeth are similar. You should use a soft bristled brush and a low-abrasion tooth paste with fluoride. Fluoride not only protects teeth from cavities, it also helps with sensitivity. The other day Dr. Urban recommended that a patient use baking soda occasionally instead of tooth paste. We would never recommend this as an everyday replacement for toothpaste because baking soda has no fluoride.  Of course, I find myself brushing my teeth more than once a day, so I think I might get some baking soda, and use it for my second brushing of the day.

This conversation at the office led me to check what the interwebs (jk) has to say about tooth paste and baking soda. I found this great article by Dr. Deb in Texas.

She’s made this helpful list of an abrasion scale, and where various toothpastes and baking soda fall on that list. I pasted her list below. Thanks Dr. Deb!

From 0 to 80 = low abrasion
70 to 100 = midrange abrasion
100 to 150 = highly abrasive
150 to 250 = considered harmful to teeth
Baking Soda – 7
Arm and Hammer Dental Care – 35
Rembrant Original – 53
Tom of Maine’s Childrens Toothpaste – 53
Colgate Regular – 68
Biotene Dry Mouth – 70
Sensodyne – 79
Aquafresh Sensitive – 91
Crest Regular – 95
Colgate Whitening – 124
Crest Multicare Whitening – 144
Colgate 2-in-1 Tartar Control – 200

So if you are in the Dallas Fort Worth area and need a good dentist I’d check out Dr. Deb at the link above. While I don’t know her, I do like her style.  However, if you are in the Falls Church area and need a good dentist give us a call.

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