I’ve blogged a lot about people who have gold stuff stuck on their front teeth. Typically I am not a fan of any color but tooth color on teeth.

I don’t know what’s come over me, but I saw this product for tooth jewelry, and this photo seems quite cute to me.   I found it on this website

I think this one in particular is cute because it’s so small, and it’s silver not gold.  I doubt much damage would be done to the tooth by placing it, and it can be easily removed.

The thing that concerns me is that it does take etchant and bonding agent to put them on. Etchant roughens enamel a little so that the bonding agent can work. So I think maybe a little divot might be left on the tooth after this thing is removed.

Knowing me, the potential divot wouldn’t be the issue. It seems I eat a lot of spinach, and I swear every time I eat spinach it ends up stuck in my front teeth. I can image a nice stringy bit of spinach, now all the more noticeable, as it hangs from the little tooth charm. Sexy!

So I don’t know if this thing is cute or not. I will leave it up to you to decide. I don’t know if Dr. Urban would be willing to place . . . Hmmm, I just checked with him and he said he would do it. He doesn’t think it would be any more damaging than a bracket on braces.

So yay, if you want one of these things check out the twinkles website and give us a call.

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