Reinast, Really?

Check out this tooth brush at It’s made of titanium, comes in four colors, and comes with a lifetime of free replacement heads. As you can see from the photo this brush is really beautiful. Who wouldn’t want one?  A bargain at any price, right?

How much does it cost? Ten grand would be a good guess, but no. Seventy five hundred would be a heck of a deal, but nope. Six thousand dollars you might guess. Well, only if you get it engraved (an extra $500) and also get the eleven year service plan for an additional $1,600. You see the brush by itself is $4,200.

What I want, way more than I want one of these tooth brushes, is to see a list of the people who have bought this thing, because I have a bridge to sell each and every one of them. The more I think about it the more I think this has got to be a hoax. I mean really, really? There is a person/people who thought of this, invested money in its manufacturing, and marketing, and thought – of course there is a market for a $4200 tooth brush! Did they do market research that indicated that there is a market for this?

I’ve got an idea – toilet paper made from the finest Egyptian cotton, 5000 thread count, so soft and silky it disintegrates upon hitting the water, and safe for every septic system. I’m going to write up the business plan and see if I can get some investors. I’m guessing that I can get that manufactured and to the discerning consumer for about $150 a roll.

So if you want a really fancy tooth brush you can click on the link above. If you’d like to invest in my high end T.P. startup give me a shout. If you’d like to be part of the best dental office in the DMV give us a call.

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