Brushing Apps

Everyone should brush their teeth for a full two minutes. Some electric tooth brushes come with timers and that is great. We give little kids plastic sand-glass timers, and while those are a good idea I don’t think they are as much fun as these tooth brush timer apps like this one I found with a quick Google search This link is only one of many that are easily found online or at the app store.

Sure, you could just set the timer on your smart phone, but these apps have fun graphics for kids and music for adults. The graphics remind the kids to brush the upper and lower, right and left, tongue side and cheek side.  Anything you can do to make yourself and your kids brush for two full minutes, and get that brush everywhere is a good thing.

Another benefit of having your smart phone or tablet in the bathroom with you is that it will really make you think about putting that toilet lid down while you are in there. I’m a big proponent of lid down, cabinets closed, and drawers shut.

If you’d like to discuss anything about oral hygiene give me a call. It’s my favorite subject.

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