Black Gums & Bagel Heads

I found an interesting article on The Huffington Post about women in Africa tattooing their gums black as a beauty treatment. You can check it out with this link But the sentence that really caught my eye was the second one which says, “Joining the list of treatments like extreme butt implants and Japan’s bagel heads . . .” Extreme butt implants are pretty easy to understand, but what the heck is a bagel head?

So a quick click on the bagel head link revealed exactly what bagel heads are, and you can check it out with this other Huff Po link.

Apparently people have saline injected into their foreheads, put a dimple in it with their thumb, and consider it attractive. The good news is this is not permanent. The saline dissipates and goes away after a few hours.

I have so many questions. Who was the first person to think of this? Who thinks this is attractive? How many people really did this? Are they still doing it? I guess the story about tattooing gum tissue black is really more relevant to dentistry, but I just could not resist the bagel head story.

So if you want black gums or a bagel head you will have to go to Africa or Japan. We can’t help you with either of those ‘beauty treatments’. But if you have any dental needs we can help you with those. Give us a call.

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