What’s Attractive?

“Listen to me, tattooed gums and a silver tooth: that’s what’s attractive. A woman should not have red gums. Her gums need to be dark. A nice smile attracts men. A nice smile with white teeth” http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/01/03/african-women-tattoo-gums-black-video_n_2402208.html.

Wow, I am in complete agreement and total disagreement with parts of that quote. I blogged about this article in the Huff Po a couple weeks ago, but got distracted by the bagel heads. https://alisonlangford.wordpress.com/2015/02/09/black-gums-bagel-heads/. It’s an article about women in Africa tattooing their gums black for cosmetic reasons.

I totally agree that women, really people, should not have red gums. It’s a sign of gingivitis or worse periodontal disease. However, gums don’t need to be dark to not be red. A nice smile does indeed attract people, and a nice smile with white teeth is indeed a winning combination.

I have had time to think about tattooing gums black as a beauty treatment. What I think is that if a person has red, inflamed gums that is indeed a sign of poor health. I wonder if these women are covering up signs of poor health without even knowing it. I am not agreeing with her conclusion, but I am agreeing with her premise that women should not have red gums.

Many things that we find attractive are part of a person displaying signs of health –  disease free skin, healthy hair, clear eyes, good posture, physical coordination, symmetry, all of these things and many more are cross cultural markers of good health and often considered attractive. Of course, many are just a matter of culture and style like silver teeth, and bagel heads. I can’t really account for that.

If you’d like a nice smile, with healthy gums and white teeth, we can help you with that. Give us a call.

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