O-Hi-Oh So Sad

Lists of best and worst cities in which to live or retire abound and change every year. I found this list of cities on Today.com interesting as it is based on the reported happiness of the residents, as opposed to say cost of living. You can check it out with this link http://www.today.com/health/sarasota-tops-list-major-u-s-cities-highest-well-being-t14471. I am proud to say my own town of Alexandria, VA rates among the top ten. I’m not surprised. It’s a great place to live, although quite pricey.

However, when I looked at the list of the bottom ten communities I was a tad surprised to see that the great state of Ohio had five of the worst – Youngstown, Toledo, Dayton, Columbus, and Cincinnati. Five in one state and it happens to be the state in which Dr. Urban was born, raised and went to dental school. I also found it interesting that two of these cities, which are not in Ohio, are best known (at least in my mind) for auto racing – Indianapolis, Indiana and Daytona Beach, Florida (hmmm Dayton and Daytona). I’d say stay out of Ohio and away from race tracks!


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The article links happiness to many things such as health and satisfaction in both personal and professional endeavors. But the one factor I found the most interesting was this, “It turned out residents of the not-so-content cities were much less likely to have visited a dentist in the last 12 months”. This article is linking good overall health to good oral health which is not surprising at all.

It turns out Dr. Urban’s home state really needs him back. So the people of the DC area should feel lucky that Dr. Urban is here making their lives better through great dental care instead of returning to his home state which apparently needs him. If you’d like to have a better life, get better dental care and give us a call.



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