Anesthesia & Amnesia

A soldier in the U.K. army, stationed in Berlin, went for a routine root canal and ended up leaving with his memory severely damaged.  “After the procedure, the patient was pale and faint with ‘slow speech’ and appearing ‘vacant’, according to the case study published in the journal “Neurocase”. While being treated at a hospital, medical staff found he could only remember 10 minutes at a time, researchers said, noting he now can remember up to 90 minutes at a time.”

Holy cow! I wonder what happened. The article says he was given local anesthetic, and “routine anesthesia”. I’m not sure what is routine in Berlin, but I can guarantee we don’t use anything that could cause that kind of damage. I am thinking he must have had a small stroke or something like that, some brain problem that was just totally unrelated to the dental procedure. It seems it’s just coincidental timing, but it sure makes for an interesting story.

This poor fellow wakes up every day thinking it’s still the day of his dental appointment. He still thinks it’s 2005, still thinks he’s in the service, still thinks he’s stationed in Berlin. He’s surprised every time he sees that his family is 10 years older than he expects.

Always remember if there is anything we can do for you give us a call.

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