Marilyn Monroe’s Teeth

The Story of My Teeth is a novel by The Story of My TeethValeria Luiselli. It’s, “an unusual novel-essay about art, identity and stories”, and after reading the review it certainly sounds interesting. You can check out the NPR review of this book with this link.

The review reveals that, “Luiselli’s narrator is a talker. He’s also a collector — of everything from his father’s nail clippings to his own extracted teeth, ‘as wide as shovels, each pointing in a different direction. As soon as he can afford it, he replaces them with Marilyn Monroe’s purported chompers, bought at auction in Little Havana.’”

“More than things, Highway [the narrator] is a lover and collector of good stories, which is the only honest way of modifying the value of an object.”

I really like the idea that a story is the only honest way to modify the value of an object. I think that is well illustrated by the idea that Marilyn Monroe’s teeth would have value at auction. Just a tooth, who cares? But add the story that it’s a famous person’s tooth, now you have something of value. Weird but true. I really must read this novel. Doing anything with Marilyn Monroe’s teeth is just too cool an idea to pass up.

So if you like very creative, literary fiction check out the NPR review or the novel, and if you have any dental needs give us a call.

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