Hoda & Kathy Lee


The link above is a clip of a Kathy Lee and Hoda Show in which they talk about how much time it takes to properly brush your teeth. While Hoda and Kathy Lee getting the word out that, “Australian dentists” recommend brushing for two full minutes is a great thing, as it is getting the word out, I have a few issues with their dialogue.

First, Australian dentists are recommending the same thing that American dentists are so let’s just say dentists. It’s not like it takes longer to brush in the southern hemisphere.

Second, Kathy Lee (I don’t watch this show so maybe she’s always like this?) was so uncooperative. Hoda was going to brush her teeth on camera and asked Kathy Lee to keep track of the time. Kathy Lee exclaimed, “No, I’m not counting!”

The worst part was that Hoda and Kathy both acted as if two minutes was an eternity. Had she just brushed for 15 seconds upper right outside, and 15 seconds upper right inside, that’s 30 seconds. Repeat on upper left, lower left, and lower right – that’s two minutes. And really 15 seconds for inside or outside of ¼ of your entire mouth is not a long time. Most people have 28 teeth, two minutes is 120 seconds. 120/28 is 4.28 seconds per tooth. Fewer than 5 seconds a tooth! How much time do you think each tooth should get?

So feel free to take a look at the clip, but please do not take their attitude that two minutes is a long time to brush. It’s not a long time, and it’s necessary for healthy teeth and gums that last a lifetime. Please also take some time, and look in the mirror while brushing. Did you brush all four quadrants – upper right, upper left, lower right lower left? Did you brush both cheek side and tongue side?  Don’t do the Hoda upper right and lower left only thing. The way she’s brushing fewer than half the teeth in her mouth are getting clean. Of course, she and Kathy Lee are both drinking wine while doing this so . . .

If you have any questions feel free to call. We like hearing from you!

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