bottle cap cropped Jan 4 2016

Dental Advertisement

Dental manufactueres sure know how to get our attention.  Every time I look at the advertisement above I cringe. Occasionally a friend will do something like that in front of me to get a rise out of me. It works every time. I can just imagine that lower tooth shearing off.

I cannot stress this enough, do not open bottles with your teeth.  Don’t do this with a plastic bottle cap, or a metal bottle cap. Don’t chew on pencils, pens, finger nails, skin on fingers, plastic bags, ice, or unpopped popcorn kernels.

Often times when a tooth breaks from trauma like that it needs a crown, some people call them caps. A dental cap is the same as a crown. It’s esstentially a helmet for the tooth. They are often used to restore broken teeth, sometimes they are used to make the teeth more esthetically pleasing.

Caps or crowns are a great option for restoring teeth, but they are not inexpensive. So keep in mind if you open a bottle cap with your teeth you might end up needing a dental cap to fix your broken tooth.

So use your teeth as tools at your own risk. And if you break a tooth we will be here to help you. Just give us a call.

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