Silver Bullet?

Silver diamine fluoride, or S.D.F., has recently been approved by the F.D.A. to treat tooth sensitivity. However, according to the article in The NY Times (which my long time patient G.U. brought to my attention) some dentists are using it to treat dental decay.

Apparently, this stuff is amazing. If there is decay on a tooth you just paint this stuff on and voila the decay is arrested, cuffed, read its rights and thrown in the clink. The downside is it turns the decayed area black. The implications for baby teeth are amazing. Instead of putting a kid under general anesthesia for a bunch of decay a dentist could just paint this stuff on. Sure there will be black spots, but if they are baby teeth they will be shed anyway. This could also be great for folks who cannot make it into the dental office like nursing home patients.

Sure, it’s not pretty, but if it’s a tooth that the kid will lose eventually (and the one in this pic will be lost at around age 6-7), or maybe a back tooth, I think it’s great. This kid has now avoided an anesthetic injection and the dental drill. And if this kid is not able to sit in the chair and co-operate it has saved them being put under general anesthesia. I can see lots of reasons to tolerate that black spot.

The double top secret discount for today is $20 off any dental service (not already discounted by insurance) for the first patient who posts a response to this blog – no calls or emails for this one. In order to give everyone a fair chance, we will limit this offer to one discount per patient per month. Congrats to V.G., D.C., and R.H. for winning the last three double top secret discounts. I really appreciate you guys reading this!



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