hillaryIt’s election eve, the night when delegates come down the chimney and leave ballets for us all to cast tomorrow. Which explains low voter turnout – not everyone has a chimney.  However, even with low voter turnout we will certainly get a new president. Whether or not it’s this gal we will know soon enough.

I see HRC on TV a lot, and I often notice that she has a crown on #8 (her upper right front tooth) and the discoloration of #9 (her upper left front tooth). Generally, her teeth look good for a 69-year-old. However, I’d like to see her have her front six teeth redone with crowns or veneers to make them all match. But I am a dental dork so . . .

The double top secret discount for today is 15% off the next dental appointment for the first patient who leaves a reply to this blog.

If you have any dental needs or want to chat about anything dental give us a call.


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